Sunday, February 21, 2010

London Fashion Week- J Maskrey, Victoria House

My first Fashion Week show was certainly one to remember. It was scheduled for 19.15 but, as I now know, shows never start on time and it was after eight before we were shown to our seats (by shown to our seats I mean the crowd stampeded towards to catwalk and plonked themselves on the white benches).

The exciting atmosphere was accentuated by the dimming of the lights and the primitive beats that echoed around Vitoria House. Stormy rainfall sounds were drowned out by the murmur of the crowd. J Maskrey, who trained as a make up artist initially, is known for her body jewellery and embellished clothes. This was her first catwalk show in five years at London fashion Week so expectations were high. Her collection, entitled Pleasure was inspired by a 1930s black and white film called The Mask of Fu Man Chu. It was described on the shows booklet as 'the return of the modern day heroine' and 'Futuristic biker chic. Girls dipped in crystals and diamonds, super luxe criminal with a sexy attitude'.

The lights rose like the morning sun and the first model appeared all in black with a head wrap embellished with Maskrey’s signature sparkle. Black and gold permeated this collection with every model dressed in black wool knit fabrics, some of which were embroidered with a pom pom effect. It was clear that Maskrey was inspired by the animal kingdom with leopard print body tattoos in place of a high neck blouses, and zebra stripes clawed onto the back of the two male models, one of which donned a cave man fur headpiece. Classic tattoo symbols such as crosses, love hearts and skulls were mixed with words and phrases- LOVE and HATE were emblazoned across one model’s knuckles.

A loud gong admits an oriental inspired look with an extravagant headpiece made of a black fan with gold roses and chains dripping from the centre. Reminiscent of Grace Kelly in Mata Hari, another donned a similar headpiece and gown dangling with chandelier crystals- a look costume designer Gilbert Adrian would’ve been proud of.

A range of fabrics and accessories didn’t distract attention away from the extraordinary body art. The sheer blouses, black fur and wool knits were perfect canvases for Maskrey’s intricate glistening designs. Studded and sparkling leggings, plastic circular handbags and leather armlets gave a grungy feel to the overall dark collection. The attention to detail, such as black gems trickling down from the fingertips, elevated this entire collection. The final look was almost bat like with a double fanned headpiece similar to the previous oriental inspired piece but much more delicate. This was juxtaposed against the panelled leopard print dress with the gaps in between bearing the models glowing skin. She exits the catwalk with a smirk- a mischievous end to a sexy criminal collection.

The after-show party was awash with fashion industry elite. Everyone sipped on ‘Bespoke Cocktails’ whilst discussing their day filled of catwalk shows and planned their busy few days ahead. J herself introduced the act of the night and there was a slightly disappointing gasp heard around the room when the Sugarbabes strutted onto the stage. They didn’t let this bother them and belted ‘About you Now’ (the only song I knew) oozing confidence and sex appeal. Jodie Harsh bopped beside me along with another drag queen dressed hair to toe in PVC, almost like a blow-up doll- only at London Fashion Week!

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