Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Child of the Jago

“A Child of the Jago is a child of the street” is their motto. Design due Joseph Corre and Simon Armitage’s aesthetic is a mix between the dandy and rock n’ roll, with the strict tailoring influence of Saville Row thrown in for good measure.

The last show of this seasons London Fashion Week is surprisingly located in Shoreditch, in a warehouse behind A Child of the Jago’s quirky store. The graffiti scrawled lane is crowded with people trying to catch a glimpse of Vivienne Westwood as she scurries into the venue to see her son’s showcase. A one man act opened the show with his aggressive singing and homeless-man-like appeal, his lyric “I’m turning into Dad” still ever so haunting in retrospect. At first it was hard to concentrate on the show itself with Vivienne and Andreas in the front row accompanied by Janet Jackson (the new Pamela Anderson perhaps?) but the extravagant outfits soon caught my eye.

Exquisite tailoring permeated the collection, with tweed and woollen suits in a variety of colours on show. There were clearly many inspirations for this collection, with the music swiftly changing as quickly as the models. From punk and rock sounds to sailor-esque outfits with Parisian notes there was never a dull moment. Delicate silk scarves softened the looks and floated down the runway- Viv herself became involved in the show when she picked up a scarf that has slid off one of the models and she then gave it back to the next model who was quite startled. The oldest yet most dapper model I have seen sauntered down the catwalk like a ringmaster with striped trousers and top hat, his silver locks peaking out underneath. The ultimate punk look with fishnets, leather cap and fur had the audience smirking and tartan kilts made an appearance- a nod to his mother no doubt. The only female model in the show acted as an escort to the male models, donning garters and corsets aling with a cheeky grin.

The collection told a complicated story of two men who don't let the tyranny of trends infiltrate their creativity, and this show documented their aesthetic excellenty.

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